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We are a community founded as a Robotics and Automation Club by students willing to robot and robotic subsystems at Gebze Technical University.

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The olympics where you will meet new people from all over the world where you can have fun while showing your talents.

Transparent Competition Principle

Before competition, we share with you all the competition principle.


The winners in each category are rewarded.

Experience & Progress

We are a team with you & improve robotic and robotic subsystems according to your experience.

The KelebekRO is organized by willing and talented students!

Robotics and Automation Club, which was founded by students willing to robot and robot subsystems at Gebze Technical University, which was founded on July 11, 1992. As a club, to increase the interest of students studying at secondary school, high school and university levels in the field of robotics, In order to provide an opportunity to present their studies on this subject and to bring them together with experienced academicians and students in the field. Since 2017, KelebekRO has been organizing the Robot Olympics. Hosted by Gebze Technical University, KelebekRO, which will be held for the 3rd time this year,

-Mini Sumo

-Kelebek Drone League


-Kelebek Robot Wars

-Free Category

-Line Follower

-Hunkar Meadow

It consists of 7 different categories.

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Hunkar Meadow
In this category, Robots must complete a track that challenging, obstacle and designed by us, as soon as possible.
Mini sumo
In this category, the robots are expected to throw the opposing team's robot out of the dohyo.
Kelebek Drone League
The aim of the competition is to complete the track with the highest score and in the shortest time for rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles.
In this category, a 24-hour period will be provided to contestants, should make the most appropriate project in line with the given themes with the materials.
Kelebek Robot Wars
There are no rules in this category. The last one standing wins.
Free Category
In the free category, the contestants present their projects before the jury and the participants. will display. Stands and boards will be given to the participants for each project. Any There is no size limitation. Physical display of the product is mandatory.
Line Follower
In this category, the track that on black with white line or on white with black line is designed by us. robots to finish the track as soon as possible is expected.


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May 21/22 2022


As GTU Robotics and Automation Club, we would like to announce with great regret that the Robot Wars category has been canceled due to a technical malfunction. We apologize to all the contestants related to this situation. Registrations for our other categories are ongoing.

Registration will begin on May 9, 2022.

Line Follower parkour is shared in category rules tab.

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Documentations of our transparent competition principle!

We share our documentation with you. You can see the changes we made to the files instantly.

Please review it and make a return to us if you wish.

General Rules

The general rules file of our competition.

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Mini Sumo

Competition rule of Mini Sumo.

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Kelebek Drone League

Competition rule of Kelebek Drone League.

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Competition rule of G.T.U..

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Kelebek Robot Wars

Competition rule of Robot Wars

There is no rules, the last one standing wins.

Free Category

Competition rule of Free Category

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Line Follower

Competition rule of Line Follower

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Hunkar Meadow

Competition rule of Hunkar Meadow

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Degree Award
First Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer
Second Jetson nano
Third Rasberry Pi 4